Inclusive Astrology is the process of creating a collective energy and consciousness to unite the world together in a message only the stars can write.



Born In Newport Beach, Ca, David Palmer (Inclusive Astrology) is one of the most unique personalities you will ever meet. Based in Southern California, David has appeared on multiple television/radio shows, produces his own daily original content in house music and occult knowledge and delivers a message of positivity, love and inspiration that is here to change the world. 

David performs his duties under the alias, "The Leo King." Whether he is djing at a club, giving an astrology reading, speaking at a festival, or producing daily content, David is the kind of guy that will shock you with the amount of content he produces, daily. 

David has given astrology readings to all types of people, including the rich and famous, people that have deep issues they need to overcome and everyone in between including friends, neighbors and family that have simple questions regarding love, relationships and career. David brings a positive and youthful attitude and an explosive and inspiring energy to each individual reading. 

Inclusive Astrology is the full operational astrology business David has created. David sees over 800 clients a year and gives reading and coaching to all walks of life. As a DJ and Producer, David produces tracks in the house music genre and performs his music at nightclubs and festivals. As a speaker, David has performed at events such as, "Lightning in a Bottle" and much more!

David stars in and produces his own original content, his work includes documentaries, daily horoscopes, specials on occult knowledge, interviews and more. David has appeared on several MTV shows in the past and has since been featured and the top love astrologer on Yahoo!, he has been in the National Enquirer, NPR, People Magazine and on the Style Network, "The Dish" and on The Soup" on E! and many other media outlets.

As an astrologer and deejay, David's message is clear: Positivity, love and inspiration. For bookings and more information please visit,