Saturn in Capricorn 2018 -2020 horoscopes for all 12 signs AND January 2018 Astrology Webinar - All Sold Separately!


Jan Report-Sun Signs Individual

2018 starts off with a BANG! ALL SPEEDS AHEAD, ALL SYSTEMS GO!

Learn all about the month of January and how Saturn in Capricorn will affect every zodiac sign LIVE with The Leo King in these SPECIAL QUICK HOROSCOPE VIDEOS for all 12 signs! 

January 2018 starts with a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer, focusing on completions and closing of cycles dealing with our personal and private lives and a cosmic reboot as Uranus the planet that rules the heavens, ascension, rebellion and shocking surprises turns direct in the sign Aries!

Change is on the way and it's ALL SPEED AHEAD with all planets direct, and this is just the first two days of the month!

Mercury moves into Capricorn, Mars into Sagittarius and Venus into Aquarius, and we have a gnarly New Moon in Capricorn that will usher in changes like never before!

Get the January look forward, then buy your Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign Overview of Saturn in Capricorn, in only the way The Leo King can do it!

Select the appropriate signs from the drop-down menu!

With all planets direct, things will move faster than ever before. Everything will move QUICKLY, make sure you understand the Astrology to keep up!

Do not miss out on this live event, and start your new year off right!

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